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The information provided on this website has been compiled from various sources and individuals. As such, the accuracy of the information is dependant upon the sources. Sources have been listed when known. Much of the information has been independently verified and where possible an image of the source has also been made available. However, inaccuracies are bound to exist.

If errors of any kind (factual or typographical) are found within these pages, please notify the webmaster

Acceptable Use Policy

These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for "commercial" or "for profit" purposes. Individuals or organizations desiring to use this material for "personal use" or "non-commercial" purposes may do so freely. Although not necessary, it would be appreciated to indicate this website (www.padenfamily.org) as the source.

Privacy Policy

As the webmaster of this website I am sensitive to individual desires and will follow what ever any individual wants for their own personal information. With that in mind, my general policy (and the software program that I use) is to list only the "names" of living individuals, all other information on living individuals is blocked from view by the general public. Only registered users (those who are themselves listed in the database) can view all information on everyone. However, if someone notifies me here or by any other method that they want to keep certain information private I will remove it.